Dating a hasselblad lens

C) They have the older Zeiss T* coating that we also find on Hasselblads, Super Speeds and such have a more organic rendering on digital than ZF/ZE/CP2s. Because they focus the right way (ZF’s do not, they are Nikon-oriented and focus backwards) and have an aperture ring (ZE’s don’t have one, as they are EOS-designed and have a digital iris controlled by the camera). In fact, they MOD better than ZF/ZE’s believe it or not.I think the Contaxes cinemod slightly BETTER than ZF/ZE’s (because they ALL focus the right way, and ALL have an aperture ring), and also ALL they have that wonderful older T* coating that I believe looks better on digital than the newer T* coating (renders more organically). Also ZF/ZE's tend to break down into purple splotches when they flare, which doesn't look ideal on video (whereas Contax will generally flare white, which can be more forgiving, and cinematic). Contax is more low-con, and more organic, to my eye.On almost all shoots we’ve done with Contax lenses, where we have used other glass, be it Leica R’s or Canon EOS, every time the DP has noticed that the waveform’s “jump”. I prefer it, cuz there’s an honesty there I appreciate..They were a massive hit when they launched in ‘75, and were fabricated until 2005 (when they were promptly tweaked and re-badged as ZF/ZE’s in 2006).Clearly Leica freaked the fuck out when these were released, because the next year Leica released their “R” line in 1976.For the next 20 years, Contax and Leica R would slug it out once again for optical supremacy.

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    A factory special project camera prepared for Carl Zeiss at their request to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the design of the 38mm Biogon lens. Rick Nordin visited our shop in New York City a few years ago expressing an interest in some dusty old Hasselblad literature that, for some mysterious reason, escaped the.…