Dating a sikh woman

******************************************************************************* Manudeep: As, this is a Sikh Board we are not here to analyse the Indian Culture, were r here to discuss what is right according to Sikh religion, and for that matter..i do not think Sikh Gurus laid down any rules that one should marry to a specific 'type' person.Indeed one can marry 'intercaste' and 'inter-race'. ******************************************************************************* Manudeep: DIVORCE:- Divorce means legal dissolution of a marriage. A Sikh Anand Karaj (marriage ceremony) is sacramental and it can not be annulled by a decree of any court.The bride's family visits the groom's family bringing gifts, the paste for the tikka mark and a silver tray with a few grains of rice and saffron in a small silver bowl, 14 dried dates (chuharey) wrapped in silver foil and a coconut wrapped in gold leaf.The bride's father applies the mark to the groom's forehead, blesses him and gives him some money.First, the girl is draped with a chunni (stole), which is usually very ornate.In some families this chunni is a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.******************************************************************************* Deborah: Thank you, I think it is the honest thing to do.You should not fool around with peoples hearts, it is very cruel.

- if the man knows that he is goin to marry a indian girl than he is misusing the foreign-ladies because of their innocence! He is not going to find a 'true' love with an indian lady either! wjkk wjkf I think you stated this beautifully, Follow the Sikh teachings. The bride's family visits the groom's family with gifts to confirm the engagement.Approximately a week before the wedding the sagai ceremony is held, in which a tikka forehead mark is applied.However marriage between two folks from differant religion, is somewhat discussed on this forum..u may search and find some goodies.. Nowadays, laws in different countries grant the right to divorce to every resident and there is a spate of legal divorces under civil laws, but it is utterly in contradiction with the Sikh faith.

However divorce i seem to find something that can discribe the Sikh attitude: ******************************************************************************** Deborah: I agree with you on this, that according to Sikhsim, two Sikh of any race can marry. In Sikhism, husband and wife are: "one spirit in two bodies." Their union is pre-ordained by the Almighty and hence is a sacred bond.

They should endeavour to purge themselves of ego and finally one's own existence.