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Let’s start by clarifying that some people are recovering from relationship issues, sexual addiction, and/or trauma.There are many factors to take into account when jumping into the dating game in recovery, and we encourage you to both investigate what feels right to you and work with somebody who knows you well.Recovering addicts are (hopefully) going to meetings and therapy sessions regularly.Overcoming an addiction involves being as open and honest as possible with those close to you, talking out your problems and frustrations and learning how to live a sober, satisfying life.Dating in recovery can be confusing, whether it’s two addicts in a relationship or a “normie” and addict dating.There are many suggestions, unofficial guidelines, and things to consider when building relationships surrounding recovery.

Add in a drug-ridden past or present into the mix, and the relationship is not only stressful, but also very unpredictable.This quality could go either way, depending on the type of person you are.If you're a fan of space, inconsistent talking and independence, dating an addict will bring out your worst.As an addict's significant other, you take on that anxiety and worry.

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    In working with the spouses and significant others of addicts, I've often heard it said, "I'd rather be an addict than love one." While few people would.…