Dating after alcoholism

In treatment we learn that preserving sobriety involves more than merely reshaping the habits of drug or chemical use, it also requires throwing away stereotypes and reshaping old attitudes that have been hammered in over the years.In treatment the addict learns to start taking care of his/her own needs.The lack of ability to openly acknowledge things which bring us pleasure, may also cause us to abuse those same things.It is known as hedonistic to throw oneself into pleasure all the way, to be unable to find a happy medium.

Many women are still the primary home caregivers, putting the needs of men and children ahead of their own, neglecting their own need for support and intimacy.Concentrate on building self-confidence and self-image, first, before building up a sex life.For many, it may be a good idea to wait six months, or even a year, before beginning a new sexual relationship. Start over by focusing on really learning about your own body and feelings.And, men are often still expected to be the initiators, the aggressors, and the breadwinners forgetting to express their emotions and feelings.

Ignoring needs and feelings are risk factors for addiction.

All of these are, indeed, important items on the road of recovery.