Dating agencies in rugby

The considered average is 60% female/40% male, but the reality is suspected to be nearer 70%/30%.

The move ultimately led them to establish five years ago one of the world’s most unique introductory services agencies.While no where near as lucrative, the dating industry is growing.The best estimate for dating/introductory agency spend is around £2bn (€2.4bn) globally per annum; and that figure would grow a lot more if an increasing amount of businesses charged for membership.What that means is that you pay €600 for the standard package (a personal assessment and any number of introductions with potential partners over a six-month period); €1,000 for the ‘gold’ package of being matched with people particularly suited to one’s lifestyle, and €2,500 which, seemingly, buys someone so like you — in every way — you may end up marrying yourself.

Mr Phelan admits to having got into the dating game out of curiosity.

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