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i am still very confused about male, female relationships, often very cynical and still very lonely.which really calls to question not only the dating game, but also other forms of unwholesome premarital courting(these days many skip dating alltogether and just head straight for bed).It was distinct, though not necessarily opposed, to that which developed in the Western portion of the Roman Empire and subsequent Medieval Kingdoms in the West.While Christianity in the West developed in lands which knew the legal and moral philosophy of Ancient Rome, Eastern Christianity developed in lands which knew the Semitic and Hellenistic cultures.i have recently found that i would rather go for a coffee with the girls at my church after the divine liturgy, and discuss religion and our concerns re the world, than take to a movie some girl whom doesn't have the same spiritual inclinations.and out of that if a relationship is born, i will surely know it was God's will.In addition, I find that in our modern era, a lot of people are saying to not date, yet my grandparents courted when they were younger. My suspicion is that radical feminism and the high divorce rate among many people have led to a pessimism between the sexes and this has carried over to dating. i am somebody whom you've probably seen from my posts, that has played the dating game, girlfreind game, and gone with the trends of modern times.

One of the original buildings in which these immigrants gathered for religious services is still standing.The testimony of Scripture is "that righteous mans soul was afflicted..." by the conduct of the people of Sodom.Having seen for sure, one complete diaster when someone would not wait for God to bring them a mate, I wouldn't encourage dating for anyone, Protestant or Orthodox, for the unspoken bottom line in dating is, working the system for someone that you hope later God will approve of as a mate for life.I am 23 and have not dated anyone yet, but the thing is I find myself at times lonely and longing for someone. I hope I am not coming across as to harsh in my response.

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