Dating and head games

If you are the prior, you know we're gonna taste each other before you even get here. They say what they need to say, to whoever they are talking to at that particular time. The one single woman in a decade that didn't understand that, I made leave. They say what they think and know the other person wants them to say.

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If love can bloom on the battlefield, then by God, it can bloom anywhere it damn well pleases. I felt obligated because he said in his boyish charm , Don't you like it? Because by this time I felt strong about our relationship. I was crushed but because of what he said, the things he did, and what he made me feel. If you feel you've been played, or are being both sides of the coin, and repair or toss as necessary...there are people in this world who feel "safe" on dating sites. People who say others are just into head games are just control freaks. He would say I can't believe you would be in love with me, I am so lucky to find you. He asked for oral sex which is something I am disgusted with. Sometimes, the person feeling they are the 'receiver' are the ones with the insecurity, and manifest it by creating a 'headgame' scenario on the other partner's behalf..The only reason that she could have mistaken metelling her to bring her pvssy.. It's manipulation, or trying to get out of dealing with someone.

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