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If it doesn't concern and relate to you, it doesn't mean that it's unimportant. Don't neglect something just because it wasn't meant for you. Remember, the more you contribute to the Forum, the more your Rank increases and the more replies you will get to your own posts.Finally, keep in mind some online forums golden rules: be active and respectful, helpful and engaging, give value and what is the most important – don't spam. Sure you'll be able to contribute plenty to our relationship advice forum.

Relationship forums can really help those of us who struggle to do our best in relationships. But anyone can answer these relationship questions (even you! NOTE: You can read answers to the top 10 relationship questions (see below! And that's because not getting on with someone usually reduces to issues of confidence, unassertiveness, low self esteem (picking the wrong man/woman), thinking you don't deserve happiness, fearfulness, poor communication skills etc.. Answer: Well, I'm starting to see how 'solving' or looking at relationship issues really is an opportunity to take a bigger look at a person's personal development and self-growth. Every person used dating forums at least once in life.