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History of Violence To truly understand why young people are so infatuated with this unusual Bosnian venue, its important to take a step back in time.Twenty-five years ago, in what was previously Yugoslavia, Mostar lay between the Eastern and Western parts of the country and is still considered one of the most multicultural towns in Europe.Home sweet home Orhan Maslo, founder of the Mostar Rock School, was only 17 when the Bosnian war ended.Joining the Bosnian defence army at the age of 14, he was one of the youngest soldiers in the country.

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“When the pressure of their surroundings gets to be too much, some students stop coming in summer, and sometimes for an entire year,” Orhan confirms. From time to time I reassure the parents and explain to them that nothing will happen to their child on the other side of town.” All students’ families are required to attend the school concerts.“We were constantly on the move, traveling from one country to the next. But during the long bus rides, I often found myself yearning for Mostar.I felt the need to go back and do something for my country,” he expresses.The only suggestion of a celebration are the sounds of a door intermittently opening and closing behind the walls of a large, well-insulated building.

At the back of the room, amidst swirls of cigarette smoke and flashing spotlights, a group of musicians play for a small crowd.

With the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreements in 1995, the Catholic and Muslim populations migrated from one area of the town to another and the famous point connecting the East with the West was nothing more than a debris of bricks brought in by the current.