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(Read this: The Truth About Who Controls Your Fate)The weak man chooses to see the hardships that come into his life as a curse, as things that happen to him out of some form of celestial spite, and rather than working hard and acting with self-reliance, he pouts and cries and curses the world that has cursed him.It’s important to understand the power you hold over your life, which is the power to react to whatever happens however you like.Having less money doesn’t mean you’re any less, though you too may be dependent on something else to provide you with food or rent or whatever you need to survive. True value as a man comes when you’re of value to others, where you’re not tied to the things you own nor are you dependent on other means to sustain you. Pain can come in the pain of failure, the pain of defeat.Don’t ever have envy in your heart, especially when what you envy doesn’t mean anything. It’s a bottomless pit that will see you a slave to things that have no value. Fellas asking how to become tougher because they’re constantly making weak decisions. Daily we’re faced with decisions, a fork in the road, to the right is the easy road, quitting, a life of ease but also failure, to the left we have the tough decision to persist, keep working, and improve. It can be physical pain in the gym and physical training.This item is included in the following series/curriculum: Dating Rights and Responsibilities Tool Kit Dating Relationships and Harassment Tool Kit Teen Challenges Tool Kit Sexual Assault and Harassment Tool Kit For teens who are just beginning to date, knowing how to behave in a relationship can be tricky.

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