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Indonesia came into existence in 1949 and Malaysia in 1963.Obviously any item marked with those names is recent.There had been extensive trade with China from colonial times.Early chinese imports are unmarked or marked with chinese characters.

Lack of mark does NOT equate to lack of value or quality.Many items were marked, of course, but they were "prestige" items - European china for example - where the manufacturer and importer thought the source was a favorable selling point.These "prestige" marks will name the manufacturer as well as the country and are normally very elaborate looking things with lions and crowns and coats of arms and so on - all intended to impress the brash Yankees.But as the Japanese economy developed and grew more robust, their production focus changed from friction motor lady bug toys to the automotive and electronics industries.

That opened opportunities for other countries which had previously had virtually no trade relations with the United States.

The same trend occurred in Hong Kong and production moved on to Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, and South Carolina.