Dating christian man children

I think that the Islam is for me, but my boyfriend and I agreed that we concentrate on this when our problem – accepting of his parents of us - is solved.I want my relation with Allah to be pure and not being influenced by other things; A boyfriend can not be the reason why I should accept the Islam in my life, can it ? How can we make them understand that they cannot judge before they even know me ?If it were not for the intimacy you are seeking from one another, the nice treatment you are giving to one another would not have taken place.Also if there is the firm intention and resolve to get married in the future and have children who will grow up as Muslims, that still does not justify this forbidden relationship which involves many things that are forbidden in Islam.Because the mother tends to be gentle, loving and compassionate towards her children, and the father tends be to strict and take a rational and unemotional approach towards things, many children find it easier to talk to their mothers than to their fathers, especially with regard to emotional problems.

Also I can’t help him and talk to them, because he said that it’s not allowed to bring a woman/girl into his parents house. Didn’t Allah create people so they would know one another ?Each of them should care about the interests of the other and love that which is best for him.This brings us to the second point: which is that his parents’ objection to this marriage does not mean that they are trying to control their son and does not mean that they have judged you without seeing you.We wonder, if the relationship is so deep and strong, and you have the sincere intention of getting married, why don’t you both repent from this forbidden relationship and immediately enter upon a proper, legitimate relationship as allowed in Islam, based on marriage which Allaah has prescribed.