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“I would have never auditioned standing in line, it just wasn’t on my bucket list.” 2.There is a long training period before the “Blind Auditions” — traditionally the first episode of each season — is even filmed.Rachel wore a white gown while Bryan opted for the blazer-no-tie combo. This is at least the third engagement party for the couple ... Only this time it was a bit more formal and cameras were rolling ... When a coach turns around and presses the red button during the “Blind Auditions,” there is no “whoosh” sound — this according to Kat (season six). You almost don’t notice it, especially when you’re focusing and singing to the crowd that’s in the studio.” 5. Jessie (season two) says she was really well fed, so much that she gained weight during her season. It was basically like being an adult without having to be one.Once you’re on the show for a while, you got money [a stipend] to go out and catering was really great.for then-coach Cee Lo Green to show up for filming.

It was anything you wanted.” Dia (season one), meanwhile, stuck to the hotel restaurant. Vicci (season one) says she still keeps in touch with the crew from and during season nine, when Rihanna performed on an episode, Vicci had brief encounter with the Bad Gal. This is standard, especially for the “Battle Rounds.” For Frenchie (season one), even though she won her round with Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” she never understood why producers and coaches chose the song.“I was engaged to someone at the time and we had to break up because of [].I had just bought a house in my hometown [Tacoma, Washington], and I actually just ended up giving the house away and staying in L. The spinning red chairs are not all they're cracked up to be.It’s a modern day love story: Girl Tweets boy, boy Tweets girl, there’s some direct messaging and the next thing you know, they’re husband and wife. When Laurie Davis, who parlayed her marketing skills into the successful online dating consulting service e Flirtexpert, first reached out to Thomas Edwards, Jr., founder of his own dating consulting company The Professional Wingman, sent that first message she had no idea she was starting a romantic relationship – she just thought his avatar was “handsome.” “I was searching #dating on Twitter, looking at dating sites and people to connect with in my industry when I came across Thomas and thought his avatar was handsome,” she tells PEOPLE.

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