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He better be a great writer, a hard worker, amazing on camera, technologically savvy, and say something that we haven’t heard before.Oh, and that’s the last thing that makes me worry about Luis: He’s not a dating coach the way I’m a dating coach. We log into, look up cute guys, flirt with them, and talk about what’s happening on their dates. And even though I’m one helluva flirt, I’m about a safe as men come. Have you been thinking that being a relationship or dating coach might be an exciting and fun career?A Dating Coach is Not a Relationship Coach A dating coach is a bit different than a relationship coach.I do personal dating consulting and give dating ideas and advice for women and men; including makeover services, wardrobe tune-ups and love nest tune-ups.I will tune up people’s homes and create love environments. I create love scripts for people in different dating situations; for people who don’t know what to say.

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d) I started a blog 5 years ago that got over a million viewers last year. f) I figured out what I was doing wrong in love, admitted my failures, and chose my wife.

But that doesn’t mean this guy should be a dating coach.