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Assignments are an important and anxiety-inducing part of students' lives.As a TA, you can offer support by: The actual grading of the assignments needs to be led by the faculty member who lectures the course—they need to provide you with a grading rubric well in advance of the submission date.Alternatively, you could go around the group and ask each student to name one thing that they learned in the day's class that they did not know before.Ideally, there should be no 'repeats', but it is not the end of the world if more than one student lists the same thing; what is important is that they have a chance to reflect on and articulate their learning.

The Tasmanian Catholic Education Office has advised Catholic School Principals that this year schools can advertise and process applications for Year 7 2019 and Year 7 2020 concurrently.Either you could provide the students with examples, or you could ask your students to come up with some of their own to share with the class.End each class with a brief summary of the day's work (you can do this, or you can ask the group to).Doing this allows you some insight into potential problems that students might experience, as well as an opportunity for developing solutions in advance.

Preparation also includes considering what teaching method you will use in class, and how you will promote active learning.

You can use a range of different methods, such as debates, buzz groups, or think-pair-share exercises.