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The company quietly published a website,, with more details about its initiative and a careers page listing jobs including primary care doctor, exercise coach and care navigator, as well as a phlebotomist to administer lab tests on-site.Today Asus is launching a smartphone that is designed, according to the speaker at our pre-briefing, to make it look like the user is holding an i Phone X. I would always spend lots of time and effort organizing and decoration my room even when I was younger.Back in 2013, Tim Wu wrote a piece for The New Yorker titled “Does a Company Like Apple Need a Genius Like Steve Jobs?Today, five years to the day after I wrote that, Apple’s stock price is up 185 percent — it’s trading at nearly 3× the price from March 2013. It even has an inline image, which is somewhat rare.

The women-focused publisher Little Things is shutting its doors, in large part because of Facebook’s recent move, the company’s CEO, Joe Speiser, told Business Insider.

But according to Joe Speiser, chief executive of “feel-good” content publisher Little Things, those concerns are unfounded. I think without the content all these media companies are providing there’d be that much less reason to go on to the news feed.” 18 months later exactly the thing Speiser said he wasn’t concerned about — Facebook fucking him over — forced him to shut down his company.