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If a profile did not include a photo, for example, both men and women were 20 times less likely to even look at the rest of the person's profile.

So let’s say you’re single, and looking for someone special for a night out, or maybe a new relationship. What gets you hoping that this person might be interested in you, too? As in—Of course, we’re all probably going to have different answers to these questions.These patterns also generally held for the second step, messaging, but with smaller effects. The results convince Ken-Hou Lin, a sociologist at the University of Texas, Austin, who also studies online dating."The science is absolutely solid." He suspects that deal breakers are more important at the early stage of mate selection when people are winnowing down a pool of candidates.Not according to a study of more than 1 million interactions on a dating website published this week in the .

Instead, the results indicate that you are probably looking for "deal breakers," harshly eliminating those who do not live up to your standards. People met their romantic partners through the recommendations of friends, family, or even at real-world locations known as "bars." Whatever signals and decisions led people to couple up were lost to science. According to the Pew Research Center, 5% of Americans in a committed romantic relationship say they met their partner through an online dating site.

But beyond someone's looks, how much do any of these factors matter for mate selection?

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