Dating different work schedules

Finally I started waking up and ended up talking to him some.I told him about what he said last night and asked him how I could be more supportive if he felt that I wasn't helping at all, and he said he doesn't remember saying that and that I'm being great and he's sorry he snapped at me.I wait tables and have a different schedule every week so some days I work nights while he works days and we don't see each other.We've been together a few months and don't live together.He talks in his sleep a lot, which I think is hilarious and I'll often try to engage him in conversation when he sleeps to see what crazy stuff he'll say.After last night, I don't think I'm going to do that anymore.B/c we didn't get to spend much time together this past week, he took me on a date last night.We got to my house around or so, and his normal bedtime is about 10.

He recently got a really great job adn is working almost 50 hours a week now so our time together is obviously limited.We lay there another 10 minutes and he said he needed to go get his stuff done so he coul dhave the rest of his day.I said ok, mostly b/c I wanted him to go so I could cry (I am frustrated right now and I cry when I'm frustrated or angry).I woke up about 10 and showered, and he said "I'm sorry I fell asleep and didn't shower with you".

I told him it's ok, he can keep sleeping, I'l wake him up for sex in a bit.

Well I let him sleep a little bit, showered, went and hung out with my roommate.

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