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I had just arrived from my 9 day trip to Turkey, where I had a blast with the women and even the unique history.The ancient history in Egypt, I knew, was on a whole other level.As a guy who considers himself a budget traveler, it was great. I said goodbye to her, but I didn’t go for the kiss.

Sometimes you couldn’t even see their faces because they would wear the traditional black Hijabs that show only the eyes.She looked exactly like I had imagined ancient Egyptian women did. “Good.” I said with a feeling this would be a great date.The only down side, she was slightly thick, not fat at all, but she could have lost 15 lbs. Everything went well except that as I walked with her, I noticed openly hostile looks from local guys.She met me outside of my hostel and I was very happy to see she looked just like her photos.

My inner historian was happy because this girl looked just like Cleopatra.

Still, I was happy and super attracted to this girl. One of the men said something to me in Arabic and she had to tell him off, another guy started to get in my face and tried to speak broken English with me, I just stared at him without responding and he walked off. Zamalek is one of the nicer neighborhoods in Cairo and by far the most international. The date went well and ended with us smoking Shisha in a tourist area of the city.

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