Dating fender pickups and pots

Around the early 60’s he’d be building solid body guitars too.Elvis Presley had a black, no-pickup, Isana archtop when he was drafted in Germany, but later fitted an “Ideal” pickup himself.Sandner was, contrary to popular belief, not related to Franz Sandner (Fasan guitars) or Alois Sandner (Alosa guitars).in April 1947 Josef Sandner and Franz Himmer started up a shop where Sandner built classical and solo guitars from middle to high in pricerange.While Josef Sandner’s Isana was not related to Fasan and Alosa, these brands to carry some similarities.The odd shaped f-holes, are also used by Framus, and sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between all these brands.So, for those of you who can’t understand a single German word, and don’t want to read 25 page forum treads….Isana was a fairly small company in West-Germany, Nauheim, run by masterbuilder Josef Sandner, who was trained by Rudolf Mettal.

It pops up on a lot of adds on e Bay and the likes.But when is a product really vintage and when is it just old? Back in the day, and I mean the 60’s, there where a ton of guitar manufactures doing their thing.Most commenly Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, and the likes… But in Japan, rock’n’roll became quite hip as well.They’re still active today, selling bass guitars, acoustics and electric guitars such as the Hofner Verithin and Hofner Galaxie.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s Selmer was importing these guitars to the UK and Van Wouw was Hofner’s Dutch importer.

I had to dig for a while to come up with all the info there is to find online..which is not a lot.

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