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There are only 3 functions in the DLL and with these 3 functions you can impliment a powerful BTree database !----------------------------------- Box example for PB/DLL. Uses a dialog box resource file to pop up a generic "input box" from a DLL and returns an answer to the calling example.If you ever wonder how to write a Custom Control this example program will get you started. ASM - PDQ replacement for BASIC's B$FMSF routine by Ethan Winer using code derived from Cobb's Inside Assembler newsletter (after fixing the code to handle zero properly! Einfach zum Ausprobieren und als Anregung für weitere "Entdeckungen".----------------------------------------------- by Josef Kirschbaum EDM32. INC, PB/DLL custom editor control, written by Borje Hagsten.As these files are not meant to be built, they are automatically added to Sphinx will add “permalinks” for each heading and description environment as paragraph signs that become visible when the mouse hovers over them.This value determines the text for the permalink; it defaults to Custom sidebar templates, must be a dictionary that maps document names to template names.

Compare MS Word's font name combo - probably the most (only? No Console v1.0 ---------------------------------- A small tweak To prevent PB/CC programs From opening a Console window At startup -- essential for writing true GUI applications!To find out the index name for a specific index, look at the HTML file name.For example, the Python module index has the name tag referring to it.The keys can contain glob-style patterns [1], in which case all matching documents will get the specified sidebars.