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The couple met on an online dating site and bonded over being divorcees.Once they got engaged, Alla moved to Kentucky with her young son, but she found Matt's family overwhelming. Today, they're still together and often post photos together on Facebook.The ACS reports marital status information only for individuals over the age of 15.Using this data, Consumers calculated the divorced, married, and single percentages for the largest 200 cities in the country by dividing population within each subset by the total population over the age of 15.“A lot of people are saying leftover women can’t find a man, but mostly it’s because she sets very high standards; she doesn’t want to compromise,” says Li.

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Here are the cities with the highest percentage of residents identifying as divorced: Data is from the U. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) 2016 release of 5-year estimates.For women, salary doesn’t affect how many winks they receive – until they earn 50,000 yuan or more, when they see the number of winks tail off slightly.Sharing other insights into’s data, Li says that on average, women prefer men who are three years older than them, while men seem to prefer women three years younger than them, but that changes the wealthier the men are.Li has studied the relationship between a member’s monthly salary and how many winks they receives.

“You can almost very accurately calculate for every 1,000 yuan salary increase how many more winks he will receive,” he says.

She was a private equity fund manager at the time – now she’s a venture capitalist – and he was an executive director of equity derivatives at Morgan Stanley.

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