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I sincerely invite all of you to join this meaningful event. Maybe people often tell you: “You shouldn’t do such things as a girl…” Maybe you always tell yourself “I’m too fat for that…’’ “Next year when I’m ready…” “I wanted to, but…” People keep telling you things.Just download Woo Plus app on Google Play or App Store, sign up, check the Event Entry at the bottom of homepage, write down and share your ONE THING for 2018. You keep finding excuses for laziness or fear or lacking willpower.This is especially true for those women who have plus size, chubby or known as the curvy girls with curvy bodies who are struggling enough to find the right guy who will truly like or appreciate their body figure.In today’s world, people are living in a time that’s ever-evolving & using dating sites in-order-to develop a relationship is now becoming increasingly popular.Read more On September 12, 2017, Torrid, a plus size fashion brand, appeared on the stage of New York Fashion Week as the first plus size brand in history, impressing the world with a plus size fashion style.Read more Reasons Why Men Should Marry a Big Beautiful Woman The definition of sexy and beautiful today is now being based on the physical appearance of a person.By now I hope we can all agree that Valentine’s Day is, well, a little bit silly.

So, I reached out to Marie Southard Ospina, journalist, style blogger, and beloved bad-ass of the body positive movement.There have been some doozies, and the more I chat with plus-size folks, the more I realize we all share many of the doozies.From fetishes to backhanded compliments, the plus-size dating terrain is rough. Divorce can be frightening and tumultuous hence it is normal to have bunches of questions as you start to move on with your life and decide to start dating again and go out with someone.

As complicated and confusing as it is as you start dating after your divorce, there are five ways to know if you’re ready to date and they are as follows: Read more There is no perfect relationship.

Read more Extra sized women are definitely great to love and winning their love with.

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    Nov 9, 2015. Dating is not my forte. I'm bad at everything from the awkward conversations with people I don't know, to mingling uncomfortably with strangers at parties. It's not that I'm an introvert or anti-social alright, fine, I'm anti-social, it's just that over the years I've found that dating, as a plus-sized woman, is more of.…