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After dating men of all heights, incomes, and careers, I’ve decided to prioritize a man’s ability to communicate and have adventures with me over his pursuit of a powerful career to pay for my Dom Perignon. When my mother met my father she was a prestigious graduate bent on medical school.

To be fair, I never had a conversation with a group of guys who said anything like, “I could never date her.I think if we stop thinking about what we can GET in a relationship (young arm candy or financial security) and start focusing on what we can GIVE we’ll be much happier. I live in Washington, DC, a city that is overrun with successful men and women.Perhaps it is time for women to start bankrolling men.4. It’s not about how tall he is but how tall he makes me feel, even in flats.5.

Why do you balk at the idea of supporting a male partner when you have no problem if they support you?

She is an embryo,” said Vickie who is recently divorced, runs 2 companies, and only wants to date men more successful than her ex husband to “teach him a lesson.”“It’s not fair…all the good men are either happily married or happily dating down.

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