Dating for the unemployed

Arrive earlier than your date, chat up the barkeep and ask about specials. I found a casual bar off the beaten path with cheap drinks and lots of personality.Take a chance and invite your date to dinner at a friends house.Best part about this option is that you can get away with Tell your date something that youve never eaten, seen, or done, and they will immediately try to pop your cherry.Whatever the case, your friend can probably score a couple of passes for you and yours.Best of all: many events like these have open bar and free hors doeuvres. Any option that doesnt require theft or the opening of your wallet is a good option. Before any date, I Googled when to go, what to eat, how much itll cost, where to check out, etc.Simply put: NOT going on a date because you dont have a job is the WORST thing you can do.

I met loads of interesting individuals doing exciting stuff with their lives.Think of museums, art exhibits, special events, open/casual concerts (you know, the kind they do in a park during summer) as your free friends.Speaking of, dont be afraid to reach out to your social network.A person who has a great job will tell you all about what makes it so great and usually, theyll be more than happy to lend a hand if your qualifications fit the mold.

In the end, dating can actually you money (so long as youre not spending a bunch in order to do it). Another couple you run into at that free concert might have the perfect opportunity for you.

I asked my friends, family, and everyone in between what was happening on the night of my date.