Dating for women who love beards

(Of those who said yes) Beard – 672 – 43.27% Mustache – 100 – 6.44% Both – 781 – 50.29% “For a lot of men, facial hair can depict masculinity.” says Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of Whats Your Price.“No Shave November allows men to live out their Paul Bunyan fantasies for a month while hopefully donating to a good cause.” Whats Your, a patent-pending “Dating-for-Dollars” website, allows both men and women to bid for first dates."[But] I've heard from a lot of people that they really like the more relaxed and fun vibe the site has.One thing I love about Bristlr is it's kinda hard to take super-seriously." The overall gist of Bristlr doesn't stray too far from the Tinders and Ok Cupids and Hinges of the world: I am presented with a feed of profiles that I can filter by location (though not by gender or sexual preference); I can click a little heart to show that I like a guy (or his beard); there's a page to "rate beards." As for the important question of who the hell is on this thing, it's actually a pretty typical mix of decent-looking guys and weird blurry selfies. Beards come when a man hits puberty and is ready to impregnate you with his seed. If you want a man who looks like he can build you a treehouse with nothing but his bare hands and a pile of kindling, get yourself a man with a beard. Do you know the kind of patience it takes to grow out a beard? The beard blocks out the sun's harmful rays and keeps him baby-faced underneath all the fuzz.

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More than 1,500 respondents said they dig men’s facial hair."Thought it was funny, signed up just to be ironic and tell my friends I was on a bearded dating site. [Editor's note: No.] In any case, it's pretty boring and I've ceased to check it unless alerted by my email that a very pretty woman has messaged me."[Editor's note: No.] But then he also vaguely said "I should have known" and less than 24 hours later, the dude had completely vanished from the site.I pictured a cartoon door with a beard-shaped hole in it.(And though this was hardly a situation in which I could afford to be choosy, I only hit it off with one guy, and even those sparks were kind of forced.) After we had messaged back and forth a bit, I bluntly asked one guy I had "matched" with why he was actually on here.

"I think I saw this on Facebook as some sort of headline," he admitted.

"I thought up the idea of a website which networks people who have beards with people who like to stroke beards," he told me.