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I signed up for one at Loveland the weekend before Valentine’s Day.

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Luvbyrd, a dating app for outdoorsy types, has organized these speed-dating events since 2015 and hosted a day at New Hampshire’s Crotched Mountain and two days at Colorado’s Loveland this year.At the end of a long ski run, I would have kept riding with him, but there was still the possibility of meeting someone even better.When I told him so, he seemed a little taken aback but not crushed.More than 200 people had signed up, with an almost equal split of men to women and far more skiers than snowboarders.

Curiously, there seemed to be a lot of women in the older age brackets (35 to 45 and 45-plus) and a lot of men in the youngest one.

He didn’t seem offended and suggested we meet up for a drink later.

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