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It's long been the rule that when dating someone whose behavior is marked by hot and cold reactivity, you're standing on shaky ground.This is the core thinking of the partner who initiates hot/cold, and serves as their safety net to vulnerability. Because relationship uncertainty makes human beings yearn for stability.They're not sorting out their last breakup, and they're not swamped at work. The hot/cold scenario typifies much more than a lack of certainty on a lover's part. You quickly find yourself craving more of this delicious new feeling.This phase lures you into the hopes of the possibility of romance.You wonder what happened and begin to question every move you made. Simply put, when you pull away, they'll re-engage you. After a cycle or two of this routine you'll be so confused you won't know which way to move.Without realizing it, you've submitted to their need for emotional and psychological control. The pattern repeats itself for as long as you're willing to play this game.He offered her a date she’d never forget, but Bradshaw got the feeling that her handsome potential suitor was a little off. I didn’t want to see him again.” Another one of the episode’s bachelors, actor Jed Mills, recalled to LA Weekly that “Rodney was kind of quiet.“I started to feel ill,” Bradshaw told the Sydney Telegraph in 2012. I remember him because I told my brother about this one guy who was kind of good-looking but kind of creepy.

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