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So, getting over this hurdle can be a huge shift that makes all the difference in dating expectations and success.A few women were coming to the end of a long period of care-taking for family members.I have a date tomorrow so thank you, I already know more today than I did yesterday: No matter how many "insensitive losers" we think we've dated, that does not mean every man or woman out there is another "insensitive loser" waiting to be unmasked. However, she bluntly told me how it wouldnt work, and that she is going to meet up with another guy, after our get together.

For the generation who invented the sexual revolution, you’d think the boomers would have solved the mysteries of love. They’re just as confused and confounded as they were in the days of free love. We are pleased to have an interview with the Dating Goddess who has written 13 books addressing love over 40. And often, that is a battle much bigger than any other super woman has had to deal with. Because it’s a simple fact: Your Inner Goddess is a Hottie and there is nothing you can do to change that. You can imagine her coming to the surface of who you are to educate and support you. Appreciate yourself – you are the best thing you have going on. Wear clothing that fits well, flatters your shape and is in good repair 5. Imagine your success with men so that it feel real. She argues with that inner voice who says you are too old, too short, too fat, too wrinkled, to used, too broke, too whatever to find love. Well for one thing, you can tap into her allure any time you want. You can learn from her, mimic her, make friends with her. You can tap her allure and turn on the charm to meet lots of new men. Pamper yourself – take care of your skin, hair, body, clothes, car and house. Speak well of yourself – don’t cut yourself down in front of others 3. Flirt whenever you can and whenever you feel like it – which should be daily 8.We talked about and experienced over seven different ways to bring out your inner Goddess, heighten sex appeal, get in touch wtih your sensuality and own it!

What an amazing transformation in participants over just 6 hours.

And that’s exactly what happened in Rhode Island this Saturday.

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