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They thought by calling me chocolate, and African Queen that they would compensate for all the other things they were lacking.I feel like all women go through this, especially women of color.I refuse to gas you up because you drop heart eyes and chocolate bar emoji’s under my pictures.I have high expectations of my partners because I know what I offer so when they show they're half-assing it they get dropped.Walking past a group of kids was a nightmare because it wouldn’t be long before someone yelled, "Yoooooo she's mad black." Those were the good times.It took a lot of introspection and a lot of strength to not let the cruel bullying I experienced break me.Children are always the subject of ridicule but when you have skin the color of p.m., you are exposed to a different type of mockery.The boys did not find me cute and the girls thought they were better than me.

That is not love and I had to learn not to let their attention blind me from seeing their true intentions.

Much thanks to the glo-up & this recent wave of “Black is Beautiful,” many of the boys who used to make fun of me have ironically found their way into my DM's.

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