Dating kate grand theft auto 4

He doesn't like the drugs or too much violence, he tries to clean it up by doing violence to stop the evil people from smuggling drugs in the end.The Game-play: It's pretty easy to learn if you've not played any of the GTA games. I saw a review that said you can kill babies, theres not one child in Grand Theft Auto.Drugs: One thing that is extremely exaggerated is the drugs in this game. Overall, I think that this game is sutible for 10 and up. Parents need to remember that video games are, well.... Children are not going to hire protitutes for sex or do drugs just because some thug in a game does.The content in this game is iffy, but odds are, your child already knows how this is how the world is (in some rare places). Don't worry your child is not going to become a pot-smoking murderer.

What's good about picking up hookers, doing drugs, and killing people? On the street you can even pick up a prostitute to have unmeaningful sex with you.If your really that concerned about language, turn off the tv volume and turn on subtitles.Sex: A lot of people think that there is tons of sexual content in this game. There is partial nudity at the strip club, but it is quite hard to find the strip club, and even if you do find it, you probrally won't even know that you can go in. The main character, Niko, dispises drugs and can't stand people who use them which makes his a positive role model. And btw this game is fantastic and has amazing graphics. Also this game teaches kids about landmarks and buildings in New York City.And the player can go on a rampage killing civilians (no kids, but adults and up) and start shooting police and swat units. And you can start people on fire with molotov cocktails.