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In all, 37 states will be in compliance with the Federal standard. Pfann, whose 22-year-old daughter, Lori, was killed in an accident involving a drunken driver in 1981, said youths were driving great distances to cross state borders and drink legally.''This law takes away some of the incentive for young people to drink and drive,'' the president of the state chapter of Remove Intoxicated Drivers, Robert L. He said that in states with the 21-year-old minimum, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, youths were driving to Connecticut, where the limit was 20.''We're hoping food will make up the difference,'' said John Demery, the owner of Demery's Bar, near the Yale University campus in New Haven, ''but there's no doubt we'll lose some business.'' The increased drinking age comes at a time when many proprietors of bars and liquor stores say they already are pinched by rising insurance rates and decreased alcohol consumption. At the state's colleges and universities, rules for drinking have been toughened to insure compliance with the new law.The cost of ''dram shop'' insurance, which protects them against negligence, has risen sharply with an increase in lawsuits involving drunken driving and other liquor-related offenses in recent years. During the week, the closing time has been been moved from 2 A. Students at the University of Connecticut at Storrs will no longer be permitted to carry open beer cans on campus.The law also contains a unique "dogs on highway" provision that provides that any person owning or having the custody of any dog which habitually goes out on any highway and growls, bites, or snaps at, or otherwise annoys, any person or domestic animal lawfully using such highway or chases or interferes with any motor vehicle so using such highway, shall be guilty of a class D misdemeanor. Further, among the nuisance provisions, the law states that no person shall own or harbor a dog which is a nuisance by reason of vicious disposition or excessive barking or other disturbance.

The state's legal drinking age changes from 20 to 21 on Sunday, Sept.In addition, many bars lost business when the legal closing time was cut back by one hour last June. And alcohol will be banned from all outdoor concerts on campus.The bars, which had been allowed to serve drinks until 3 A. ''There are so few students who are old enough to possess alcohol,'' the coordinator for personnel and student conduct, Nancy Abohatab, said.Under the new law, those who turn 20 by Sunday will be allowed to continue drinking legally.

The drinking age changes have prompted many bars, especially those catering to a younger crowd, to emphasize dining rather than drinking. Bar owners contend the earlier closing time has prompted many drinkers to make dangerous, late-night forays into New York, where drinks may be served until 4 A. The Greenwich police conduct periodic roadblocks at the state border, checking for intoxicated motorists returning from New York taverns.

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    Connecticut. Date August 1, 2012. Summary of statutes Connecticut requires at least one party's consent to record an in-person conversation, and the consent of all parties to a telephonic conversation. The state's voyeurism law prohibits taking visual images of another person without that person's consent or knowledge.…