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It would be far too easy for our enemies to try to extend actions against Clan Wolf as a whole.""I know that and you know that.Whether Conal knows that or is simply too arrogant to consider it I am no longer sure."There was a pop as the aide removed the cap from one of the bottles in her hand and she offered it to Ulric before opening her own.One of the guards moved forward and checked her, then muttered a report into his helmet's comms.Ion Rush, the Master of House Imarra, moved out into the aisle between the throne and the doors. You need not be concerned by minor hysterics."The young couple both wore Capellan style clothes – formal robes for Kuan-Yin and a business suit with a mandarin collar for Victor.

All other claims, whether territorial or monetary between our two realms are hereby voided.""Secondly, the treaty confirms the transfer of the titles of Duchess of Liao and putative First Lord of the Star League, currently held by Chancellor Candace Liao, to her daughter Kuan-Yin Liao and any descendants she may have in the future.""Thirdly, the treaty renders the Capellan Confederation a signatory to the Federated Commonwealth alliance, in the specific union of our foreign and military policies to those of the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth and in the right of equal representation upon the general council (or whatsoever name the body detailed shall eventually receive) of the Federated Commonwealth upon its being convened, that to take place no later than the last day of 3055."The throne room was dead silent."Fourthly, the treaty declares that upon the end of Candace Liao's term of office as Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation that the Capellan Confederation shall thereafter be incorporated into the Federated Commonwealth as the Confederation March or such alternative name as may be agreed at the time.I am not sure how the Grand Council would vote - it could be close." Ulric glanced over at Ranna."The other measure might have more support – the Jade Falcons and Smoke Jaguars are frothing that we are closer to reaching Terra than they are and the Ghost Bears would see it as a chance to take the lead. Chapter Five Reyhavik, Rasalhague Wolf Occupation Zone15 September 3050Ulric Kerensky was about to leave his office after another day's work had run on long into the evening when a chime indicated an incoming transmission. "It is a request for a real-time HPG contact with our enclave upon Strana Mechty.""Who? "Put her through and then fetch me a beer," he ordered. After a day like this fatigue is more likely to affect your judgement than one small drink."The holodisplay lit up with the white-haired head of the Wards. ""None of us are getting any younger, Cyrilla." She'd served as junior Khan but semi-retired to focus on managing the business of her Bloodhouse rather than contend for the Khanship with younger warriors – like Ulric himself. "He has to know the Clan Council would never support that.

She checked the source of the message and looked up. Conal has decided how far he's willing to take the matter of the Dragoons.""Further than you like, I take it? Two petitions, rather, on the grounds of treason against the Clans as a whole."Ulric rubbed his beard.

In principle, this is my policy."She gestured to the doors.