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On her ear tag, you can see the numbers "53" but the last two digits are under the button; given her height these are most likely "17." The 17 refers to her size sitting, which is how Steiff measured their bears through through 1933.(To calculate a bear's approximate standing height given this number, multiply its sitting height by 1.46.) Also printed on Lilly's tag is the word "geschutzt" which means "patented" in German.Her presentation and ID configuration all seem to suggest that Sigi was most likely made in the late 1920's to early 1930's timeframe.So, about a quarter century of time separates the birthyear of these two cute cubs, with only a few obvious design details differentiating them.This is sort of interesting to think about in terms of product development of other items and technologies over time - imagine fashion styles, car designs, or even smart phones NOT being updated on a yearly, if not monthly, basis?Steiff's turn of last century bears, like Lilly, (on the left) are beloved for their shoebutton eyes, pointy and shaved muzzles, and distinctly "old fashioned" look, for lack of a better term.

By the early 19-teens, most had glass pupil eyes, and by the 1920's they had fuller and rounder faces, usually with unshaven muzzles.Of course, Steiff bears are all made by hand, so there will be differences between bears and over years, just by the nature of their production.However, Steiff's earliest bears are well known for their long, slender limbs (as they were originally designed to stand on all fours) and long narrow feet.This idea manifests itself in the business actions that you take and are expressed in the way in which you take those actions.

Consider for instance, two World-Famous brands in a similar market, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

She is made from white mohair and is fully jointed.

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