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Self-consciously slipping off her jacket in the chaotic confines of a bustling coffee shop, she struggled to deliver a painstakingly prepared presentation that would prove she was the right choice for the position of marketing manager at an upmarket catering company.But all the while, her potential employer's smartphone pinged continuously with notifications from Instagram.'She was distracted and spoke in business jargon at breakneck speed,' recalls Alexandra.The 28-year-old woman she hoped would be her boss looked casual in a long, bohemian frock.It wasn't just their different approaches to work attire that struck Alexandra, however, but their attitudes to the interview itself.'I felt so drained that I quit.'Much has been made of the hazards of employing millennials — the generation born between 19, with many now in their 20s and early 30s. If you haven't given the idea much thought, then perhaps it's time to start.After all, millennials now constitute the largest generation in the American workforce.They want their abilities to be taken on trust — which can cause friction.' File image used 'Whether it is cleaning or escorting an elderly patient to the toilet, there is never a please or a thank you.

'Millennials glean experiences online in a way that previous generations couldn't.'Carer Jennifer Davidson, 43, can certainly vouch for the confidence of the millennials who are now her superiors at work.They would look at me condescendingly when I said I didn't understand.'The age gap between Alexandra and her boss — newly promoted to marketing director after six years at the company — made her feel increasingly alienated.'She'd formed a close-knit gang with my younger colleagues.In meetings, they'd all walk away whispering and I knew they were talking about me.Whenever I tried to approach her, colleagues would step in and say she was too busy to speak.

I felt bullied and left out.'Having been trained to finish one job at a time, Alexandra loathed the multi-tasking expected from a generation known for its ever-decreasing attention span.'As part of our marketing strategy, we were encouraged to check our social media accounts throughout the day.

Everyone else rolled in casually after 9am and clocked off on the dot of 5.30. It wasn't ideal.'And call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to speak to people face-to-face than constantly emailing people.'And when her boss did speak to Alexandra, it tended to be in indecipherable jargon.