Dating mccoy pottery marks

The company continued to produce specific pottery lines throughout the years, which can help you date the item or estimate its value.Once you've established the age of your item, or you have a general idea of when it was produced, research Mc Coy pottery references books, collectors' and auction sites to estimate the value of your piece.The lines named in the catalog included: Carnelian, Rosewood, Light Blends and Rainbow.Look for the line name listed on the bottom of the item near the company's hallmark, if present.If you can identify the designer of the Mc Coy pottery piece, you might be able to establish its value.For instance, an original Mc Coy monkey head planter, designed by one of the company's chief designers, Sidney Cope, has an estimated value of $400, at the time of publication, when most Mc Coy pieces range from $25 to $200. Learn more Brush Mc Coy pottery is the combined effort of two prominent Ohio manufacturers who joined forces in 111 to become the largest producer of earthenware and kiln-dried pottery lines in the country.

The Blended Glaze era spanned through several years from the '20s through the '30s.If you are a novice collector, Mc Coy pottery items are a good way to learn about collecting, as you can obtain some original Mc Coy pieces at relatively inexpensive prices.Be aware that several companies produced fake Mc Coys in a rip-off of the name over the years.Standard glazes were a matte white, a dark matte green and a combination of a brown and green color.

This last color glaze was offered in a very dull matte and a somewhat glossy.

If that doesn't help you establish its price, contact an antiques collector or appraiser -- one who specializes in ceramics -- to determine the value of your item.