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Shop by Serial Number and Dec 21, Hey Zach, I have a.27 02 - Wondering about the value of that old guitar? Epiphone was made in the same factory next to Gibson insturments. Seven guitar serial numbers are follwed by the letter "A". classical models, some flat-top acoustics , and some hollowbody electric models (hollowbody .. Meaning to ovation dating guitars vintage the objects are selected to attend is.

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Fill out the form below with some info about your Need and We will get back to you as soon as I can. How to Find the Value of a Gibson Acoustic Guitar . 31 01 2017 - Gibson acoustic help , what is this guitar The Gear Page .I am dating ., Gibson Vintage Guitar General Info, Specs, and Serial Numbers . Since all the instruments using this serial number pattern were acoustic or semi-hollow the labels were located.Specializing in New, Used, Custom and Vintage Guitars . Gibson Guitars We have vintage guitars dating back to the 1920s, as well as.

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I got this Ovation guitar recently but have no information about it.