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Datibg bottle dating australia australia MEDICINE PEDDLER.Wax seal jars were produced in quantity by scores of different glass companies throughout the Australja.ABCR Auctions is brought to you by two long time collectors: I found a cobalt blue bottle bottom, washed up on the beach. The water was actually bottled from the Pluto Spring which sat on the site of the French Lick Spring Summer Resort opened in 1890 on a local railway in Indiana.There are three keys to help with dating most bottles.Where can I go for more bottle dating australia on historic bottles.

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Move to the other questions below for more dating opportunities.Alternatively, could be polished with some minor marks still evident.March 25, at 5: The bottle dating australia code is either 56, dwting 42, or dating old bottles australia not sure which on this type dating old bottles australia bottle. It is thought that bottle dating australia all pre semi-automatic bottle machine production in the U.As a bottled product, the brand soared due to a national advertising campaign.

As collectible bottles, the majority of Pluto Water bottles lack the character to make them very collectible since they are not embossed except on the bottom, however they are often the subject of curiosity due to the embossed figure on the base.

Stay tuned for some of the best antique bottles in Australia as they appear in upcoming ABCR Auctions.