Dating owens illinois glass bottles

10 Claims, 8 Drawing Figures Patented July 10, 1973 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented bcvv July 10, 1973 3,745,314 4 Sheets-Sheet 5 COUNTER SHIFT REGISTER UNITS TENS DECODER 8 READ-OUT INVENTORS Zf AMZ, Mary/4 ATT Y3.Patented July 10, 1973 I I 3,745,314 4 Sheets-Sheet 4 CONTAINER I CAVITY INFORMATION LETTERl Qi y F V 9/ 9f 9 V7 0P1) r-" f[ f A W F I B "/W H HH/ 70 n 95 CAVITY IDENTIFICATION BACKGROUND o F THE INVENTION It is well known in the bottle making art that many defects are cavity oriented.

The rotating dove prism causes the image of the bottom to be rotated on the plane of the reading device, thus bringing the dark spots past the fixed photocells.That is,a particular mold, of a plurality of molds, will tend to continue to produce a particular defect once the conditions are present to create the defect.It is thus necessary to determine which mold out of multiple molds is producing a defective bottle so that corrective measures may be taken.Suitable electronic circuitry is then provided to decode the pattern of dark spots and present the mold number of a bottle in the station as a digital output.

There are also provided photocells sensitive to the general level of ambient light falling on the reading device.

The reading is accomplished in the following manner: The bottle is held stationary and a beam of light is directed through the upper portion to uniformly illuminate the bottom of the container which contains the coded information.