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Old family letters (these are from my father’s father from the 1920s & 30s) can have a wealth of cool stuff in ’em! ) to find this stuff, check it out for interesting family info, and then archivally preserve it for generations to come.Well, here is our quick TOP 5 LIST of ways to get started organizing and archivally preserving the irreplaceable artifacts in our family archives, and “archives” is plural on purpose, folks, as often we each have a number of such things—from family recipes to children’ toys, and from old photo albums to important family letters / birth certificates / & newspaper and magazine articles Since family photos and such should NEVER be stored in an attic or basement anyway (because of wide—and harmful—temperature and humidity fluctuations / the possibility of leaky roofs or pipes & water heaters), go grab ’em.Scan and upload photos onto an online shoebox for your family on My Heritage.Tag them, add details and share them with family's private, easy and free!Well, I now have some challenges in finding out – but there ARE ways of sleuthing around (see below)!And on a brighter note, if YOU have pix like this in YOUR family archive, RIGHT NOW is the PERFECT time to pull them out and ask family and relations about “who’s who” and “what’s what.” Read on!A quick hint: keep “stuff” together, in a relative way, as you’re sorting it out, as often the “context” of where you find a family photograph or document in an old shoebox or other storage container will help you determine who it originally belonged to and where it fits within your family’s history.To help you find out “who’s who” / “what’s what” / “when’s when,” ask your relatives to help you identify photos or documents—either in person or by sending them a scan—as other family members are often a GREAT help with this! Old school film processing envelopes from the corner drugstore.

(For more info, please take a look at our fully-illustrated blog on Lastly, make scans of important letters & documents so that you can handle COPIES while the originals are safely stored in archival file folders / envelopes / or enclosures.Sometimes the BEST photos were pulled out of these envelopes years ago for placement in albums / frames / or even to be carried around in someone’s wallet.Fear not, however, as you still have the original negative (that’s why you should ALWAYS save them), so go ahead and get a copy of missing prints made!Yeah, folks, it may seem daunting to grab all your old photos & family history or genealogy materials, but it’s actually NOT!

And once you start sorting through stuff in order to organize and archivally preserve it you’ll be AMAZED at just how cool the discovery (or rediscovery! To do this, folks, I’m gonna gonna look at some of the stuff in MY OWN collection—with a focus (no pun intended) on old family photos and letters/documents, but with info on EVERYTHING ELSE sprinkled in here and there—with the understanding that everything I’m discussing here applies to everything in YOUR OWN family photo / genealogy / family archive collections!

Unfortunately many old family photographs are not annotated with the sitter’s name. Will dating my old photograph help me to decide who the subject is?

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