Dating reportedly simpson

Of course, there's a chance this all a big misunderstanding.At least, that's the claim of Simpson's lawyer, who says his client was neither drunk nor belligerent on Wednesday night.

According to the New York Daily News, the legendary baller was seen chatting up a few ladies at a bar in Sin City over the weekend.Photographers captured images of the 70-year-old during his visit to the Grape Street Wine Bar & Cellar.The first clip of Ed Sheeran‘s forthcoming cameo in The Simpsons has been released – and it sees the singer teaming up with one of Springfield’s most famous citizens.Fans haven’t received a proper album from Simpson since 2010’s holiday CD , although she’s spoken about returning to the music scene multiple times since then, to no avail.

Like, we get it: Simpson’s been busy with her gorgeous family and other non-musical business ventures, but judging by her recent interview with Studio 10, maybe, via giphy During the interview Simpson also promised an album later this year, and ugh, we’re getting a little angsty.

Following an expression of interest in guest starring on the show, Sheeran was offered the role by producers and recorded his voice down the phone line from the UK.