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In the Czech Republic there have been 6 deaths, in Lithuania 5 deaths, in France and Slovakia four deaths each, Italy, Serbia and Romania have each reported 2 deaths.” writes that Germany death toll has since risen to four, as authorities struggled to provide adequate shelter. Lamb revealed that sea ice in the subarctic and Arctic regions was much less extensive during the Medieval Warm Period (9th-13th centuries) compared to today.The figure of 45 dead does not appear to include the 10 cold fatalities in Britain. For example, records indicate that there were decadal and centennial-scale periods without sea ice invading any of Iceland’s coasts.Adding: “there just couldn’t be less scientific understanding than that.” Echoing Donald Trump’s ideas on international treaties, Kraft also sees them as being ruinous to German industry, and that the ultimate target of climate protection is to establish “an eco-socialist centrally-planned economy” and that climate protection is the “instrument” to bring it about.He then labeled the Greens’ energy policy as “eco-populist voodoo”.[…] Nearly every part of the country was hit by snowfall and gales as the Met Office said Thursday was the UK’s coldest spring day on record.” Armed Forces called out, gas running out The online British daily also reports that 10 deaths have resulted in Britain so far as storm Emma took its toll with heavy snow as it collided with the massive blast of frigid Russian air which had swept across the continent earlier in the week.

Kraft slams the government’s climate-protection approach of spending “15 euros to avoid 1 euro of damage” as apolicy one would expect from “a fool”.

And now that this anti-Energiewende voice is finally being democratically heard in Parliament and viewed by millions on television screens nationally, expect the traditional established parties to among their disenchanted voter bases. But then we read about real-world observations for East Antarctica.