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Of course all UFO enthusiasts know about the three men in black and their famous ride, (in most cases) a black Cadillac.* Comment [asr1]: There are more details to this encounter which Savalas mentioned on taped interview.[ Is it a coincidence that some of these robots resemble the so called 'alien grays'? Are fallen angels giving advanced technology to private indiviiduals and corporations not just to governments?

The actor insisted that he man write down his name and address on a slip of paper so he could be repaid.Rome is paving the way for people to believe aliens are our saviors and are coming to help us. We are witnessing a masterful satanic subterfuge that appears to involve the appearance of ‘angels’ and ‘aliens.’ Many are asking whether the coming of Antichrist can be far removed.From the Bible we learn that such an evil day surely lies ahead.More demonic contacts NEPHILIM- HUNT BY THE (HARMONIC SIGNATURE OF DNA)-WHICH ENABLES THEM TO SEEK OUT SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS!