Dating separated man with children

since then I've had abusive messages off his wife on fb saying that they were back together and had been for a while, trying to work on their marriage, i was just the rebound girl and he never loved me or the kids...he not only broke my heart but my kids hearts aswell, they've lost 2 father figures in their little short lives and its not fair on them if I do it all over again or fair on me...don't see the point in being with anyone if they're just going to make you false promises and end up ripping out your heart and soul when they make you fall for them, even knowing how hurt you've been before.He has been honest with you so be honest with him and air your concerns - good luck x no never again.....done it twice and both ended badly the recent one being just saturday the 1st was the father of my 2 kids, we no longer see him and he still hasn't got a divorce in 8 years...I ended up trying to live up to everything she was, cos he just kept on talking about her, how she dressed, how she had her hair.Crazy now I look back, we ended up breaking up and they got back together again, I don't blame him for anything at all though, I didnt want to stand in the way of someone's marriage so I bowed out gracefully!

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