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The golden age was a tumultuous period, defined by major historical events: the end of the colonial era; the Second World War; the rule of Egypt’s monarchy – and its overthrow, led by pan-Arabist socialist Gamal Abdel Nasser, who then became President in 1956.Nasser’s government actively engaged with popular culture and was eager to encourage the film industry.Her first movie was Moonlight and Valentino, where she played the part of "Jenny Morrow", the daughter of a character played by Whoopi Goldberg.She played in the Disney production A Saintly Switch and was cast in a number of Disney Channel Original Movies.In her retirement, she opted to live a more secluded, devout and religious life.?, published in 2000, Egyptian economist and commentator Galal Amin claims that prior to the 1970s and 1980s, when droves of Egyptians immigrated to socially conservative Gulf states for work, the hijab was only seen in Egypt’s countryside.However, unlike other actresses who quit and denounced the industry on religious grounds, Shadia did not reject or regret her work.In stepping back from acting roles, one of her concerns was her image.

Film actresses began to reject roles involving risqué scenes or requiring revealing costumes, while some gave up acting altogether.The new establishment saw the big screen as a nation-building tool and as a vehicle to promote its ideology.The regime’s guidance of cinema was a gradual process; first, it was mandatory for film scripts to be approved by the Censorship Department, and by 1961 the industry was nationalised.Simmons has starred in four television series, Ace Lightning, I Was A Sixth Grade Alien, Life with Derek on the Disney Channel, and Strange Days at Blake Holsey High.

2010: Shadia is presently working on her Masters of Education in New York.

Socioeconomic problems and new President Anwar Sadat’s relative tolerance towards political parties contributed to the rapid growth of Islamists who were intolerant of people who did not share their worldview.