Dating single parants

Anne says getting married again ‘gobsmacks’ older children in particular because it means there is no longer any chance their real parents will get back together.“They can hold on to that dream for years and years and often it’s not acknowledged.Anne Malcolm says it’s also important to communicate your expectations to the new partner.“Make it clear that you are a mother or a father above all else, that you are a package deal and the children are your first priority.” One of the reasons dating is difficult for children is that it is yet another change in their lives.But I have in fact met some lovely men over the years, mainly through friends.

Dating and re-marriage can be painful and difficult for children, but if you do so cautiously and wisely, it can be rewarding for everyone.

“It’s really confusing and upsetting for kids to have a series of people coming in and out of their lives,” says Anne.