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If you are puzzled and have no idea who of these girls is your destiny – don’t worry!Russian Cupid would provide you with the list of your perfect matches.

Having the reputation of passionate and devoted wives, Russian girls attract men from the Western countries and mesmerize them.The mysterious Russian soul together with the astonishing beauty of hot Russian women is enough for men to take trips to Russia and to look for a wife among the Slavic ladies.However, gentlemen usually prefer to travel that far in a case they have at least one meeting arranged with a particular girl as it is pretty hard to find a wife wandering in Moscow or any other Russian city.Hence, you have experience of using any sister sites you would have no problems with operating the Russian dating service .

The site is designed in violet tones that convey the sense of tenderness inherent to Russian girls.

The only noticeable minus of the site is that it has no specific application for mobile devices: whenever you want to chat or to scroll through profiles of the ladies you have to exploit your browser.