Dating sites for parents of disabled children

There are dating sites that match you on compatibility - and once you've built up a relationship online, you may find that there is more acceptance of your circumstances. do you have any family or friends nearby who might be able to help say even to come and babysit at a time when lo would be in bed? could you ask the teachers at school if any of them can do babysitting? Hi I am also a Single Mum with a son of 2 with Downs I dont get to go out often either but one suggestion is to look for parent groups in your area, either for disabled families or single parent families, this way you could meet others in a similar situation who can offer you support, babysit in turns as you get to know and trust each other and go out with you and introduce you to their friends......Stacey, would you like me to message our Special needs supporter to have a look at your thread and give you some input? I'm sure if you explain the situ someone may help out every so often? I have met so many wonderful people this way who aren't worried about your situation because they have been there or are familiar with it...Hello my name is Barb and I am a single parent of a beautiful 6 year old girl.Who's name is Raychel She has cersely parsley and is learning everyday with it.More than 1 suggested I either give them more time or they would move on to a non custodial father who was not soo involved in their children’s lives. Just woman who knew what they wanted in a prospective partner and would not accept less than that.Now with both daughters doing engineering degree’s..time is now mine alone.I can understand your concerns about internet dating, but if I were you I wouldn't discard it entirely.

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Hi all, ive been single for over four years now and im really getting to the point that i want to start a new relationship, i have a six year old son with sever autism and no help, im lucky if i get to go out once every six months, so trying to meet a new man is rather hard, my sons dad has no contact with him so its not like i can ask him to look after him for me so i can go out, i get 4 hours a week respite care so again its hard to meet someone new in four hours.