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Featuring unobstructed panoramic and breathtaking wall-to-wall views that span for over 40 miles, R2L is proud to have hosted the city’s most spectacular events since its opening in 2009.The food and service recall the elegance of the past with an atmosphere that invites and entices while providing the best views in Philadelphia.Another type of pass is a "special pass." An example would be the 3-day pass.These are special passes issued by the commander, first sergeant, or (sometimes) supervisor for "time off," often given as a reward for superior performance.

Except for emergency leave, and Christmas Exodus, commanders are usually reluctant to approve leave that hasn't been earned yet.Terminal Leave: Instead of selling leave upon your discharge, one can take "terminal leave" when they are discharged or retire.For example, let's say you are scheduled to be discharged (or retired) on 1 September, and you have 30 days of leave.Usually, a special pass cannot be used "back-to-back" with leave, and cannot (in most cases) be used in conjunction with a weekend or other scheduled off-duty time.

Permissive Temporary Duty Assignment (PTDY): Sometimes a military member wants to attend a conference, class, or function that the military won't pay for, but which benefits the individual professionally (which thereby benefits the military).

One is allowed to carry over only a maximum of 60 days from fiscal year to fiscal year.