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Zeroing in on Chicago, survey respondents said their top three turn-ons are entrepreneurs, people who call you frequently and people who voted for Hillary Clinton.RELATED: TRENDING LIFE & STYLE NEWS THIS HOUR(My friends who phone-banked for the Democrats in November should never spend another Saturday night alone.)Biggest turnoffs for single Chicagoans?“Any bachelor or any man who does extremely well — all of a sudden he has more options or feels he has more options, because he brings more to the table,” says Frankel, whose services include some basic Courtship 101.“But just because they are extremely intelligent and making tons of money, it doesn’t mean they have emotional intelligence. Frankel says a common problem is techies coming on too strong too quickly, sometimes a result of misguided dating advice.“Unbeknownst to me, he lied about hooking up with me and made up an elaborate story, which he told to valuable business contacts of mine,” says the now-30-something, who had even sent Rad a gift basket filled with Momofuku baked goods as a thank-you for his hospitality.“Trust me, that’s the only way I thanked him,” she said.(No specifics on what sort of Facebook complaints are most irksome.

“Almost immediately he explained how he was the [chief operating officer] of a startup with offices throughout the country, managed a huge team of people and worked with clients across the globe, meaning long hours and calls during all hours of the night.“I had zero idea he said any of this until years later, and was absolutely shocked.I guess he thought he should get whatever he wanted now that he was an ‘important’ tech bro.” (Rad’s rep had no comment when reached by The Post.) Rad’s behavior is par for the course nowadays for a group of techies who have seemingly transformed from dorky geeks to self-centered playboys overnight.Seventy-four percent of women say they offer to pay on a first date, with the vast majority (86 percent) saying they do so to avoid feeling obligated to get physical or go on a second date.

One week until Valentine's Day, single folks — not quite enough time to launch a startup, but ample time to hop off Facebook and ask your cute neighbor/colleague/barista for his or her digits.

People who complain a lot on Facebook, people who spend too much time on social media and people who didn't vote in the presidential election.

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